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Bob Parsons

In the News.

Bob Parsons speaks with Danica Patrick

Unlocking The Benefits Of PSYCHEDELICS | HowTo Change Your Mind.

Bob Parsons speaks with Danica Patrick about how he overcame PTSD with psychedelics.

Bob Parsons

Bob Parsons: Vietnam Veteran Turned Business Mogul Reflects on Life Lessons

Discover Bob Parson’s incredible journey from the Vietnam War to founding successful companies like GoDaddy and PXG Golf.

Bob Parsons image

GoDaddy Founder Bob Parsons Opens Up About Trauma and Leadership in ‘Fire in the Hole’ Memoir

In a new book, Parsons reflects on his difficult childhood, a tour in Vietnam, and addressing PTSD with psychedelic-assisted therapy.

Bob Parson's and his new book, Fire In The Hole!


Fire in the Hole! offers an unflinching, yet inspirational, account of Bob Parsons’ humble upbringing to his meteoric rise as one of early tech’s pioneers

Bob Parsons on Fox Business

Bob Parsons Joins Liz Claman live on FOX Business

Bob Parsons discusses the state of golf leading into the Masters Tournament, PXG, A.I. and his new book Fire In The Hole! 

Bob Parsons - The Every Man Who Made It

The Everyman Who Made it: The American Dream in Action | House of Robb

GoDaddy and PXG founder Bob Parsons, in a highly confessional account, will share details from his new book, FIRE IN THE HOLE! The Untold Story of My Traumatic Life and Explosive Success. The conversation will feature the story of his life, from his humble upbringing to his meteoric rise as one of early tech’s pioneers and will offer a few compelling leadership take-aways too.

PXG Donates $1 Million To Maui Relief Efforts

PXG Announces $1M Donation to Help with Relief Efforts for the Maui Disaster

PXG, a company dedicated to developing the world’s finest golf equipment and apparel, today announced a one-million-dollar donation to Team Rubicon, a veteran-led disaster relief organization. The funds will support Team Rubicon’s ability to provide immediate support in Maui, Hawaii.

GEN6 clubs on the green

Golf Monthly: Doing Things Differently – The PXG Story

Carly Frost travels to Scottsdale, Arizona, to find out from billionaire PXG owner Bob Parsons how the forward-thinking brand is making big waves in the industry.

Bob Parsons on Jay Shetty's podcast

Jay Shetty Podcast

Worry belongs to tomorrow. Regret belongs to yesterday. Happiness is here right now. Bob Parsons talks to popular podcast host Jay Shetty about life lessons and success.